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WiseGuyMaps.com is the premier publisher of nonconventional and aesthetic wall maps.

WiseGuyMaps.com Mission Statement

Through nonconventional cartography and unfamiliar maps, we aim to inspire the most fundamental key to unleashing human potential…curiosity about our world!

Seth Alberty, Founder of WiseGuyMaps.com

Our Service - More than Maps, We Offer a Fresh Perspective of the World

Although technically a cartographer and map publisher, we offer something much more fundamental and significant:  A Fresh Perspective of our World!

Nonconventional maps (interesting maps which show familiar geographic content in an unfamiliar way) force people to not only view the world differently, but also to question their preconceived ideas and conventional wisdom.

Specifically targeted for the workplace and classrooms, our unusual maps create an open atmosphere which encourages free thinking.  This will help students and colleagues to:

  • Create new ideas
  • View problems from a different viewpoint and break through constraints
  • Identify effective solutions
  • Question the status quo and conventional wisdom
At the most basic level, our maps inspire curiosity about our world.
Map retail partners

We are a proud partner of Maps.com, the world’s largest map store.  All of our publications are purchased through Maps.com, and we work closely with maps.com in our development of future products.

We are always open to developing further relationships. If you’re interested in printing, retailing, or distributing our publications…or any other joint effort, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to Purchase our Unique Wall Maps

All of our published maps can be purchased through Maps.com.
To see a listing and details of our maps, check out our map showroom.
To purchase larger quantities for retail, please contact us.

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