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Welcome to WiseGuyMaps.com - Publisher of Strange Wall Maps
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WiseGuyMaps.com is the premier publisher of nonconventional and aesthetic wall maps.

Our maps inspire curiosity and break through constraints by allowing you to see the world from a fresh perspective.

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Upside Down Map Page
Upside Down Maps - Learn More

Upside Down Maps (also known as South-Up or Reversed Maps) provide a great way to see the world from a different view point.

The familiar North-Up convention is not only completely arbitrary, but greatly influences how we perceive the world.

See how the these interesting maps with reversed "upside-down" orientation may help us to step outside of the status quo to see the world more fairly.

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Wall Map Store - Featured Maps

Upside Down World Map Upside Down World Wall Map

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USA Wall MapBeautiful, High-Detail USA Wall Map

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World Wall Map Beautiful, High-Detail World Wall Map

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Our Specialty - Advanced Cartography and Beautiful Maps

Our maps are great for reference AND display by combining:

bullet Loads of up-to-date detail and useful features

bullet Aesthetic beauty that comes to life on your wall

bullet Unfamiliar twists and oddities that inspire curiosity

Despite being a publisher of relatively strange maps, we never sacrifice the quality of our cartography. Read more about our Commitment to Cartographical Excellence

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